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Tarozzi Tarozzi 40mm Low Rise Clipons sizes from 48mm to 54mm

€ 159,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Productcode 55-0027

Tarozzi Tarozzi 40mm Low Rise Clipons sizes from 48mm to 54mm

Note: We order these clipons in batches and therefore waiting time could be around 2 weeks. Please take this in consideration.

Tarozzi 40mm Low Rise Clipons sizes from 48mm to 54mm
Manubrio Tipo Corsa Brasso

Width bar = 265mm
Width mount = 40mm
Usable space for mounting your grips etc = 225mm 

Adjustable clipons, Low Rise, by Paolo Tarozzi of Bologna. Alloy stanchion clamp and chromed steel 22mm handlebar. 'Bridging piece' raises the axis of the handlebar by approximately 40mm compared to the Tarozzi race type clipons. Infinitely adjustable in all planes means that if you can't get comfortable with the fitted you must be built like Quasimodo's little brother.

Color/Finish: Chrome & Silver
Dimensions: 7/8" (22mm) Bars w/ 40mm Height
Material: Steel & Cast Aluminum

Copy/Paste the code you need in the comment (in the cart) and we'll get you the diameter you need!
So, for example, for 48mm forks, you will need 55-0027.

Model Diameter
55-0027 48
55-0028 50
55-0029 51
55-0030 51,5
55-0031 52
55-0032 53
55-0033 53,5
55-0034 54

Delivery time takes about 5 to 15 working days.

The High Rise and Low Rise versions are similar in design. Unlike normal clip-ons these raise the bars up higher to provide a more relaxed riding position. The Low Rise model raises the bars 40mm(1.6") higher than usual while the High Rise version raises the bars a full 70mm(2.8") higher than usual. The handlebars provided are chrome plated steel (22mm or .866" diameter) while the mounting parts are cast and machined aluminum. Black plastic plugs are provided for the open ends of the handlebars. Usable handlebar length for mounting brakes, throttle, and other items is 222mm(8.75"). For those who prefer a lighter aluminum handlebar for use with both the high rise and low rise clip-ons we offer that item as an accessory part in Clip-on Parts.


As you can see in the pictures above our High Rise and Low Rise clip-ons can be mounted in four different configurations. This makes them much easier to adapt to your motorcycle. It allows you to work around interference with fairings, master cylinders, cables and all the other items which always seem to be in the way. In addition, it also allows you to get the perfect riding position by moving the handlebars forward or backward to suit your preference.

The mounting brackets for the fork tubes are one piece and will require the removal of your upper triple clamp for installation. Please note also that the bracket which the handlebars mount in is held in position by one large socket head cap screw. This allows you to adjust the bar angle up or down to whatever position suits your needs.