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TS 150 Herring Can Headlight

€ 474,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

Headlight complete »TS 150 Herring can«, black, length: 145 mm, Ø 187 mm, for headlight insert (Ø): 170 mm, bulb type: S2 / T4W, 6 V, 25/25 W + 4 W, socket: BA20d / BA9s, with bulb, with insert, with parking light function, gross weight: 1.95 kg

Back in the Golden Twenties of the past century damaged lights caused by stones or spills were common. Lighting and charging systems were far from being dependable as we are used to it today. Getting spares for a Harley-Davidson in Germany was complicated and lengthy which brought many owners to switch to local products, which were available at any motorcycle dealer around the corner. Some guys even ordered their new machines without lighting and charging system and had them equipped with teutonic alternatives right from the start.

This reproduction headlight is a faithful copy of the famous Bosch "Trommelscheinwerfer", also nicknamed "Herring can". It has all the features of the original counterpart, as the hi-low cable and the distinctive wheel switch.