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Givi Easy Range Tank/Rugtas

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Givi Easy Range Tanktas Rugtas EA103

The Easy Range provides all riders with high grade materials, carefully designed to give maximum efficiency and be completely reliable in all situations. The Givi Easy Range Tank Bag (EA103) is an expandable tank bag allowing for increase in storage capacity if required. The tank bag is also modular allowing for easy conversion into a handy backpack or shoulder bag as well as interchangeability. The side pockets of the tank bag are lined with anti-skid material which is also on the base of the bag to reduce movement whilst riding.



  • Capacity: 25 + 15L
  • Expandable
  • Magnetic
  • Removable magnets
  • Transparent Map holder
  • Shoulder straps
  • Rain covers
  • Waterproof zips
  • Reflective Piping
  • Converts to rucksack
  • Easy to fit (steel tanks only)
  • Size: 31 tot 40 cm x 37cm x 29 cm

Please Note:- All Givi tank bags are magnetic, if your motorcycle has a plastic or non-metallic tank a TFS (Tankbag Fitting System) will be required.

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