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Kellermann Bullet Atto Turn Signals

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Kellermann Bullet Atto Turn Signals

black; length: 14mm/diameter max 10mm; glass diameter 7,8mm; ECE approved; M5x6.5mm threaded; with power LED & Extranz lens technology; 12V

The Bullet Atto Turn Signal is an absolute novelty of Kellermann. With a length of only 14mm and a glass diameter of 7.8mm, the size limit was broken down minimal size.

The light surface of the Bullet Atto would fit four times on a cent coin, just to visualize the size.

This new definition of minimal size opens up completely new design possibilities on the motorcycle, because the factor turn signal, is almost eliminated. However, you must not allow yourself to underestimate its luminosity because maximum luminosity is achieved with minimal size! Parallel to the well-known High Power LED technology, this indicator incorporates the newly developed EXtranz technology (Extreme Optical Transparency).

Prijs is per stuk.

The entire electronics are contained in the metal housing and can thus be connected directly to the 12 V power supply.