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Mini Speed Meter Mini Speed Meter Mini Speed Meter Mini Speed Meter
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Mini Speed Meter

€ 29,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Productcode BTK - 010
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Mini Speed Meter KM Teller Harley Bobber

Prijs : 29,95 EUR  (Incl. 21.00% VAT).

Fits : Universal.

Teller gaat tot 140 km per uur.

Leuk te monteren op je bobber, chopper, of eigenbouw motor.

Whole shell diameter: 65mm
Whole high:
Universal for mechanical type revolution interface
With small speedmeter/milometer
Come with night light
Tachometer cable interface: 12mm 

This is a motorcycle single odometer, practical and durable. You can know the speed and miles conveniently.

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